The Taylor Family

So there is quite a bit of history with this photo session. Brandi’s mom Linda was my 1st grade teacher and due to her extreme patience she was able to put up with 6 year old me…lol. Ever since then our family has been very good family friends. After a couple of years we were blessed that they moved just a mile away from us out in the country. Their family has a love for the water, just as mine did. We enjoyed swimming and waterskiing on the river and just plain having good ole fun. I went to high school with Donny and although we didn’t talk very much, we grew up in the small town, so you always knew what everyone was up to anyway 🙂 God blessed these two people and they met, fell in love, and got married. Their life was blessed three more times with their gorgeous and extremely special children Kristen, Kyle, and Kolby. Not only has this couple been through  more than anyone could ever imagine at such a young age, but they continue to inspire everyone around them with their love for each other and their family. Love you Taylors and thank you so much for letting me spend some time with your amazing family.


The Martinez Trio

I had so much fun photographing my neighbors children in the park! Not only do I already know them, but I had plenty of time to “plot” what we were going to do. With that in mind we got to enjoy a fun day of reading on our own private “blanket island” in the park and play with toys, and the girls got their own special tea party for (with English accent) “ladies”….lol. I can’t wait to take their family pictures. They are such a fun family that always makes me smile. Enjoy!

Mister Jayden

I just can’t get enough of babies!!! I love how they are all so different and unique. The more they grow the more of their own little person they become. I know with  my own kiddos they seemed so similiar when they were newborns and now, even though they are only 2 and 8 months, they are such different people. I have room in my heart for both of them and they both can make me laugh for completely different reasons. I really think that there is nothing better than laughing with someone under the age of 5. Makes my heart melt everytime and gives me a serious case of the giggles.

Mister Jayden was so much fun. He definetely took a liking for my beanbag chair and I am pretty sure he could have stayed the night in the park wrapped up in my fleece blanket with mom and his binkie 🙂 I hope everyone enjoys! I know I am enjoying my job for sure!!!

Alika-Class of 2013

I had a total blast doing this senion session. It was my very first senior ever and I couldn’t have asked for a better client. I won’t like…it made me feel old to take a seniors pictures because I guess I am still in denial about the fact that I graduated so long ago. Its nice to know that there are still nice, respectful guys in high school. Congrats Alika and I can’t wait to see how successful you are in college and life!

Miss Katelynn Kay

This little miss was a complete doll! For only being 9 months old, she really knew how to work that camera!! I can’t wait to take more pictures of her. Maybe a 1 year cake smash is in order 🙂

Courtney, Jax, and AJ too!

I have never had so much fun on a maternity shoot…ever! Granted this was my first ever, but I think the bar has been set very high. It was so much fun to remember how exciting it is to be pregnant for the first time. To see the love in both Courtney and AJs eyes for Jax and for each was truely inspiring. I cannot wait to meet this little miricle. Enjoy!

Glaser/Keyser Family

Even though this family are close friends of mine I still am pretty sure I would have had a total blast with them as total strangers. With six kids and two adults we definetely had our hands full! All kiddos were on their best behavior and the pictures turned out great!!!!

Andy & Jordan

This couple was so much fun to work with. I love that Jordan brought pictures of poses she wanted and made all the heart props herself!!! The feeling of excitement from both of them made the session that much more memorable. I cannot wait until their wedding!!!

Miss Kodi

I loved this little sleeping angel! She only kinda woke up one time during the entire session to eat and then she was out cold! It was fun to get pictures with big brother and sister too and see the love in their eyes for little Kodi. I just love doing newborn pictures. I learn so much from every single session. I can’t wait to have another session!!