A New Start

Light in the Woods

So I have decided that I would like to take photography from hobby to career and because of that my website really needs to reflect these changes. Obviously not everything that is posted in my blog was for a client and when I make those posts it has been suggested that I should include more detail in what I was trying to accomplish during that shoot. Which I think is a great idea because that is what a blog is all about! If I wanted to just post pictures I could just have everyone go look at an online album! So if you visit in the next couple of days I apologize in advance for the chaos you might see. I hope to leave everything together if I have stop working, but I do have two children under the age of 3 so sometimes life just throws you a zinger and you have to leave your computer at a dead sprint to another room…lol. As I make the changes please feel free to comment if you like the pages or new attributes or not. Also if there is anything else that you feel needs to be included I would love that input also. If you feel so inclined to follow my blog I would love, love, love that also! Thank you everyone for your support!!!


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