So I know I have been pretty off the radar lately, but with two kids under the age of 3 and trying to get this photography business started I am lucky to get a complimentary shower in during the day. Ok so I am joking. Definitely shower everyday for those of you who are nervous to talk to the smelly girl now. But good news! I am finally going to post pictures of all the props I have been making. After you see the pictures you will make mental note that I am obsessed with crocheting also. And you will have hit the nail square on the head. So if anyone anywhere knows anyone who is having a baby and wants their child to be a model for some newborn photos I am your gal. Also I got a facebook page for Meagan Opel Photography up and running so take a look at that. I am going to get the widget put on after I get this post done so you can click and get whisked away to Meagan Opel Photography land with one click of your mouse! If you like any of the  props just click on the image and it is linked back to the wonderful people who provided the patterns! Thank you and enjoy! Also please don’t judge the pictures. I was in a mad hurry to take them before the kids came inside and realized what I was doing…lol.


Just for clarifcation…From left to right….Image one are newborn size beanies, Image two is a newborn nest, Image three are two Christmas earflap beanies, Image four is a raspberry beanie and a super cute tutu, Image five is a stork pouch. Also if you click on an image and it doesn’t go anywhere that means that I made the pattern up.



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