Autumn Mini Sessions!

Autumn Mini Sessions!

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The Daily Post

“Why do so many people drive cars?” asks 10-year-old Nell as she wheezily roller-blades her way to school. As I try to answer this puzzler, I realize she’s given me a fascinating blog topic about fitness and asthma. I used to think childcare distracted me from blogging, but now I find my kids a rich source of material for posts – especially if I can find a universal theme in what they did or said.

Looking after children is no small task: lots of cleaning and cooking is involved. But this mix of love and drudgery unites millions of us – working and stay-at-home mums (or a combo) world-over. Wits say that when raising children “the minutes drag and the years fly,” so allow yourself to enjoy being offline and distracted by your little distractors. It’s sure to lead to a blog post other parents will value, even if it’s…

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A Different Kind of Celebration

Today is Mother’s Day. A day to tell your mom or anyone you know Happy Mother’s Day. Of course I do the exact same thing to my mom, sister, and friends. But today really is a day for me to sit back and remember how truly blessed I am to have the two best gifts I have ever recieved…my two sons Hunter and Hayden. Although there are days that are extremely difficult with them, at least once a day I am reminded how one look or giggle or smile can warm my heart completely and wash away any of my worries or cares. So while we are celebrating today, take a moment to remember some of the great times you have already had with your children and that they truly are the reason why we get to have this wonderful day to get pampered. Of course I am posting some pictures of my kids and although they might not be the best pictures they are my children exactly how I see them everyday and that is what warms my heart today.


Good Morning everyone! Just giving everyone a quick update on some of the changes that I made to the blog. I made a portfolio page with links to all Infant and Children pictures that have been taken. There is also a link to Family pictures. I have quite a few couples photo sessions coming up so look forward to an engagement/couples section. Also big news is that I have a wedding scheduled in July!!!!! So soon to come is a wedding section!! I also got a little more detailed in the About me section and added a contact form in the Contact page. Do you think that the contact form is too unfriendly? Should I just include my email address and phone number? Also is there anything else that you think needs to be added or taken away from the blog? Please leave your comments below or you can fill out the form on the Contact page if you don’t want everyone to see your feedback. I have included a little photo of some activity that took place at our house last night. Sorry the photo is so grainy. I didn’t use the flash and maxed out my ISO. I did take one on auto with the flash and I am really like my picture much better. The auto was so cold and this shot feels much warmer with the red undertones from the setting sun shining in part of the shot.

Thank you as always!


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A New Start

Light in the Woods

So I have decided that I would like to take photography from hobby to career and because of that my website really needs to reflect these changes. Obviously not everything that is posted in my blog was for a client and when I make those posts it has been suggested that I should include more detail in what I was trying to accomplish during that shoot. Which I think is a great idea because that is what a blog is all about! If I wanted to just post pictures I could just have everyone go look at an online album! So if you visit in the next couple of days I apologize in advance for the chaos you might see. I hope to leave everything together if I have stop working, but I do have two children under the age of 3 so sometimes life just throws you a zinger and you have to leave your computer at a dead sprint to another room…lol. As I make the changes please feel free to comment if you like the pages or new attributes or not. Also if there is anything else that you feel needs to be included I would love that input also. If you feel so inclined to follow my blog I would love, love, love that also! Thank you everyone for your support!!!


Welcome and thank you for visiting.  This is a place where I am posting my photos so that I can slowly, but surely, build a portfolio. Please feel free to comment on any photos with like or dislikes. Your feedback is always helpful in making my photography better.

Thank you and enjoy!


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