Mister Jayden

I just can’t get enough of babies!!! I love how they are all so different and unique. The more they grow the more of their own little person they become. I know withย  my own kiddos they seemed so similiar when they were newborns and now, even though they are only 2 and 8 months, they are such different people. I have room in my heart for both of them and they both can make me laugh for completely different reasons. I really think that there is nothing better than laughing with someone under the age of 5. Makes my heart melt everytime and gives me a serious case of the giggles.

Mister Jayden was so much fun. He definetely took a liking for my beanbag chair and I am pretty sure he could have stayed the night in the park wrapped up in my fleece blanket with mom and his binkie ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope everyone enjoys! I know I am enjoying my job for sure!!!


Miss Kodi

I loved this little sleeping angel! She only kinda woke up one time during the entire session to eat and then she was out cold! It was fun to get pictures with big brother and sister too and see the love in their eyes for little Kodi. I just love doing newborn pictures. I learn so much from every single session. I can’t wait to have another session!!

Grace Nella Mae

I got the amazing opportunity to take my first newborn pictures with the most beautiful and easy going little girl last week! My wonderful neighbors Tyler and Aubrey, who I love dearly, gave me this great opportunity. Although she did not sleep the entire time we got great pictures and I loved seeing her awake and just observing everything that was going on. She is definetely the most laid back newborn baby I have ever seen. And yes that includes my own children. I hope everyone enjoys. I know that I am extremely pleased with the finished product ๐Ÿ™‚

Kiddos and Kittens

The best thing about having babies and kittens in the same house is that you can take pictures of them together. I have never seen two things together that acted more natural. My son Hayden just stared at the kitten and she stared right back. Neither one of them were afraid of the other at all. Sometimes we forget how innocent everything is at the very beginning.