The Martinez Trio

I had so much fun photographing my neighbors children in the park! Not only do I already know them, but I had plenty of time to “plot” what we were going to do. With that in mind we got to enjoy a fun day of reading on our own private “blanket island” in the park and play with toys, and the girls got their own special tea party for (with English accent) “ladies”….lol. I can’t wait to take their family pictures. They are such a fun family that always makes me smile. Enjoy!


Its getting closer!

I was just sitting here and realized that in less than a month it will be time for my first wedding! I am beyond excited about this. Lately I have been working so hard to get things going at Meagan Opel Photography. Networking on Facebook and with friends trying to build my portfolio up as much as I can. If you know anyone that is interested in getting their pictures taken I am having amazing portfolio building discounts right now. Yesterday I found the perfect time with my boys (between dinner, nap, and getting ready for bed) and got these cute pictures. I am constantly amazed at how much they just are completely in love with each other. I will have to keep these pictures for when they get older so I can show them that they did get along at one point in time ­čÖé Enjoy-Meagan!

Busy Bee

So I have been neglecting my blog, but I have been crocheting props like crazy (I will post pics later) and learning how to use Photoshop so my post process work is shorter and better quality. I was using Picasa before, which is a great program, but I needed something that allowed me to have been control over my images like Lightroom and Photoshop can. I have also created a watermark on my photos now. I am not going to lie I am super excited about this next step and really feel like my images are starting to step up to the next level. Let me know what you think!!!

A Different Kind of Celebration

Today is Mother’s Day. A day to tell your mom or anyone you know Happy Mother’s Day. Of course I do the exact same thing to my mom, sister, and friends.┬áBut today really is a day for me to sit back and remember how truly┬áblessed I am to have the two best gifts I have ever recieved…my two sons Hunter and Hayden. Although there are days that are extremely┬ádifficult with them, at least once a day I am reminded how one look or giggle or smile can warm my heart completely and wash away any of my worries or cares. So while we are celebrating today, take a moment to remember some of the great times you have already had with your children and that they truly are the reason why we get to have this wonderful day to get pampered. Of course I am posting some pictures of my kids and although they might not be the best pictures they are my children exactly how I see them everyday and that is what warms my heart today.

The Hunt

I have decided that taking pictures of my two year old son Hunter is now like hunting. I literally have to stalk him in the backyard or wherever we happen to be. He is old enough that he knows exactly what the camera is, and what it does, and if he does not feel like getting his picture taken he is extremely good at making it impossible. I am happy to report that yesterday the hunt was successful. I wish I wouldn’t have started laughing so hard when he saw me because that would have been a great picture too. So here is Hunter playing/ripping the wildflowers in the backyard yesterday.